World of leather.

Welcome to the wonderful world of leather. We at IHS (International Hides & Skins) are really international. We source exotic and non-exotic leathers from all over the World- Australia, S. Africa, Africa, S. America, Asia, Europe and of course North America.

Our specialty is leathers for shoes and boots-mainly cowboy boots. These leathers are chrome and vegetable tanned and are mostly without any hair. We don't deal in fur skins.

Common Terms.

Let us explain some common terms for you.

  • Hides are leathers coming from larger animals like cow, bull and buffalo.
  • Skins are leathers coming from smaller animals like sheep, goat, lamb, deer etc. Leathers from such animals are considered non-exotic.
  • Exotic skins are skins from animals like crocodiles, alligators, snakes, lizards, ostriches, sharks, stingrays etc. Some of these skins are from the wild and some from farms like crocodile farms.
  • All exotic animal trade is controlled strictly by the CITES Convention. These Skins are inspected and cleared for import and export by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. This facilitates genuine trade and prevents illegal trade in prohibited or banned animal skins.
IHS El Paso, LP Warehouse
IHS Warehouse

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11500 Cedar Oak, Suite A
El Paso, Texas

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(915) 593-2146
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